How to make $100 a day trading stocks ?

As I myself who has actively been trading for 4 years, YES IT IS POSSIBLE to make 100$ a day trading stocks, but the real question is, do you want to make it for few days as a thrill activity or want to create a consistent side income.

On good rallies of market anyone can make a good buck, but when the market is sideways even the professional traders struggle to make consistent money.

Lets discuss the plan through which you can make a side income, but let me tell you each of the following methods require you to learn each day. Lets go..

Plan 1: Dividend paying stocks  

So the safest plan to make money in the stock market would be to make the most out of dividends

If you are new to the market let me tell you dividends are in the profit share that company gives to its shareholders at the end of quarter. 

Dividend most American companies offer is about 4-8%. So you need about 500K usd to make 36500$ that makes you an extra 100$ a day trading stocks.

Then people say come on man !!! give me some idea that i can make money with no or least investment to start with. That’s exactly what I will tell you in the next parts, this method is for those people who want to make money as a side income.

This method will be the least time taking thats why its my top plan but you have to research your portfolio in a few months.

Good Returns: 4-8% PA

Capital: about 520,000 $ (if 100$ from day one) go with otherwise small investment

Time investment: almost zero (2-3 hours in few months) 

Risk level: One of the safest  

the below video gives a great insight to learn dividend stock investing for beginners..

Basic guide to get started with learning dividend stock investing

Plan 2: Day Trading (swing setup)

Now comes the plan for those who do have time but limited capital to start with. This method works best when you have a side income source, such as a business or hustle. I say this because it gives good returns but you should not try to pay your basic bills with this method.

You do make losses in this method, but keeping it small and practicing it can make you about 3-4% of your capital per month. Some traders do make much more than this.

Is it actually easy to make money in stock market in 2024 ? read this article to find out

Some double and triple their money too but they are going on a way too risky path. I would tell you to manage your risk and proper learning can make you a consistent income too. 

Most comfortable strategy for me was scalping. 

Good Returns: about 15-30% per annum (can be much more)

Capital: 20,000- 40000 usd (as capital grow you can make 100$)

Time Investment: 4-6 Hours a day

Risk level: Medium

Here michael chin explains one of the best swing trade strategy…

One of the simplest swing trading strategy

Plan 3: Long term investments

This method works for people with a decent capital but LESS TIME available. You have to research good companies that have given consistent returns over past years.

You have to diversify your Investments across different sectors in the stock market so that a certain downfall does not affect your growing portfolio.

There is no limit of returns in this method because certain companies can returns multiple folds in a year and certain can give returns as less as 5 to 10% yearly.

This is one of the best methods as it requires less time to work. Focus on quality companies with a mid to large market cap. Use dollar cost averaging as base plan to enter market for long term

Good Returns: About 10-15% to multiple folds (depending upon stock performance)

Capital requirement: Do SIP ( systematic investment)

Time Investment: few days in 3-4 months

Risk level: Medium

Best exchange traded funds for long term investment

Plan 4: Stock affiliate program 

If you want to make money without actively entering the stock market, the best plan is to go to do an affiliate program. 

This plan requires no capital, you have to make a youtube channel and you can promote good stock trading platform links that earn you commission.

Good Returns: No limit

Capital requirements: Zero

Time Investment: Serious regular side hustle

Risk level: Time allotted (Money at risk almost zero)

basic affiliate marketing guide to get started


All the methods i talked about above is for those who want to make an extra 100$ a day. We focused on the plans that requires less time in general, complete day trading is extremely time taking and requires practice of years

Im not saying these methods are quick money, but they belong to the safer side of the equation of stock market wealth generation. LEARNING IS ALWAYS THE KEY.

your support means a lot thanks for reading till the end of blog post. Hope you make your financial dreams come true

Thanks !!

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