Is $PEPE 2.0 COIN a good investment ? Full analysis

Nowadays more and more meme coins have been gaining popularity, one such coin is $PEPE 2.0 coin. It is the second version of popular coin $PEPE that launched in april and made news headlines by gaining more than 1000 X rally in just few days. Now investors are getting crazy about new meme project 🔥

Is $PEPE 2.0 COIN a good investment ?

It is a very risky coin, like $SHIB and $DOGE its hype is too much now, It moved 1000s of times in last few day but dropped more than 37 % in a day also. So its pure gamble to take investment in any coin without proper knowledge and analysis.

What is $PEPE 2.0 ?

PEPE coin is made from “PEPE the FROG” character in a popular comics “BOY’S CLUB”. Started in 2005 it became very popular year after year on online platforms such as reddit. It came into controversy also as some people used this character to make offensive memes, but then people started rebelling and created save PEPE campaigns on the internet. PEPE is basically used to express extreme happiness or sad emotions in meme world.

PEPE 2.0 Coin price analysis

To understand clearly we first have to look at 1st version of pepe crypto coin.



The first version PEPE coin currently has market cap ranking #67 in coinmarketcap. It was launched in April 2023. Rallied to the moon in 1st week of May and dumped to almost 1/3 of its peak price and after then it is almost stable slowly going up. This is the main reason meme coins are very volatile investment assets.

PEPE 2.0 Coin


PEPE 2.0 coin is launched just now and it has rallied 28X already, At time of article writing it is currently at #382 rank in coinmarketcap from my analysis if you are really interested in such type of projects, no more than 5% of your investment portfolio should be allocated as when the major stakeholder investors exit there can be major losses.

PEPE 2.0 Price Prediction

This post is not an investment advice, just for education purpose i can provide you with analysis of any major moves. This coin can rally till mid of july and can also face a major selloff when average retailers have entered a lot then the whales can exit position, in terms of long term fundamentals any meme coin is not a good investment in my opinion. Small investments can yield very good returns in such projects, holding for few days can give massive rally, but always beware of volume, when volume starts to decrease there is a major risk of huge price dumping.

July 3rd week0.00000043
July end 0.00000020
August 20230.00000028
May 2024 ( Btc halving)0.0000007
ALERT: Meme coins can be very volatile and risky asset, Never invest too much capital as it can result is large losses

Disclaimer: This article is not an investment advice, this content is made solely for educational purposes. Invest at your own risk

PEPE 2.0 Binance Listing News

As of now the Binance Team is working on listing this new project. Currently in 1st week of july PEPE 2.0 is not listed on binance, Any new coin cannot be directly listed into such major exchanges. They go through the background of the project in depth and see if the investors are showing interest in new meme token. If all criterion match such projects are certainly listed on exchange. Till then you can buy $PEPE coin on decentralised exchanges through wallets like metamask.

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